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Spring Is In The Air

See that greenery?  Spring is in the air here in Buenos Aires, and I’m really enjoying it.  It’s the window of perfect weather in between the chilly temperatures of Winter and the scalding climes of Summer.  Heck, I can even walk around town without breaking a sweat these days.

One of my particular favorites that has come with this weather are all the crafts fairs and flea markets that have gone into full swing.  Every weekend there’s a new one to go to.  The Recoleta flea market (more for the hippie crowd), the San Telmo antique fair (great if you’re into knick-knacks), and the Gaucho Fair out in Matadores (great for a view into the true Gaucho lifestyle).  All of ’em have a unique vibe that’s fun to soak in for a day.  If you’ve got a day on a weekend with no big plans, check them out!


New Friends

One of the best things about being an endearing nerd is that people will put up with your shenanigans if you’re sincere about them.  Landmarks and monuments are grand and all, but the relationships I’ve formed down here are much more important in my mind.  I met Alana here through the ever-helpful Facebook, where it turned out we had attended the same university, and we became fast friends.

The locals here in Buenos Aires have all been incredibly open and welcoming to expats in my experience.  Everyone seems interested about why I chose to come down here, and they also love to make a case for why Buenos Aires is the best city on Earth.  I’ve got more pictures of my friends with Bosephus, though it can be difficult to explain about my marble in my halting Spanish sometimes.  For the most part they just give me the patented “crazy American” look and go with it.

If you’re looking for a very friendly city during your travels, I can’t recommend Buenos Aires enough.  If they’ll humor a card / marble carrying member of the nerd club, I can only imagine how well normal sociable folk can do down here.  Bosephus and I have been on a tear lately, so be on the look out for a lot more posts in the near future!

Header Image

The image I used for the header on this blog was taken in Parque Tres de Febrero, here in Buenos Aires.  Bosephus and I had been lounging on a nice day there, and decided that a photo shoot was in order.  The parks in the Palermo area are all very nice, especially now that Spring has begun to show its beautiful face.  You have plenty of choices, from the Japanese Gardens all the way to the Botanical Gardens.  The whole area is green.

The best way to get there is to catch the D line subte to Plaza Italia and start walking, though I’ll admit I seem to like walking a bit more than most.  If walking isn’t your style, there are tons of buses that run through the area, so just refer to the ever-useful Guia T and get yourself there.  Spring is in the air!

More to come very soon, stay tuned!


This here blog is going to be my own little corner of world wide web, where I’ll be posting my pictures while I travel around South America and live in Buenos Aires.  Yes, I have a marble named Bosephus.  I’ve always had a quirky interest in shiny things like marbles, so I guess it was just a matter of time before I named one.

Bosephus and I will be posting up all over the city in my favorite haunts as well as taking him along on any other travels I undertake outside Argentina, so there’ll definitely be some international travel in Bosephus’ future.  Stay tuned!