Hey guys, have you noticed how all of a sudden people are wrapped up in scarves and coats?

It’s crazy to think that people would consider leaving the house in anything more than a t-shirt in this weather, as it’s still reaching the early twenties most days.

Today it’s a sweaty 20 degrees, even more so if you’re buried in layers!! I get the impression that people here don’t dress according to the weather on a day-to-day basis, but they follow the seasons.

I remember when I arrived it was pretty Baltic, and as it started to warm up I put my sweaters back in the closet and pulled out the flip flops much to the dismay of other porteños. However, the first official day of spring arrived and I could almost smell the excitement from BsAs citizens at being able to wear flimsier clothes without feeling stupid, despite it not being any hotter than the week before!

So now that autumn is here I’m making the most of wearing my flip flops, as I know that when the ‘official’ winter kicks in, I’ll have to hide them to avoid any dirty gringo stares. Make the most of it, everyone! Even Bosephus is following my advice and has had his havaianas on at every opportunity!!


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