Rolling around Recoleta Cemetery

I think even Bosephus would be put to shame by the array of marble on show in Recoleta Cemetery.

This eery yet breathtaking corner of one of the most respectable neighbourhoods of Buenos Aires is a must-see for everyone passing through the city, if only to see the tomb of Argentina’s beloved Evita which is surprisingly one of the more conservative tombs in comparison to some of the other ‘mansions’ on show.

The huge tombs themselves display incredibly extravagant carved facades and plaques commemorating lost loved ones from the more noble families in Argentina, and as you wander around the shaded blocks you can’t help but notice the stray cats lazing on marble steps in the deceptively strong sun, revelling in the tranquility of one of very few silent spots in Buenos Aires.

The cemetery is best visited in the week, as the weekend sees tourists piling into the area to enjoy the Recoleta market and its assortment of handicrafts and performers. However, the market is not to be missed as many of the items are very reasonably priced and you might just find the perfect souvenir.

Personally, wandering around Buenos Aires in the heat of the day really takes it out of me so I tend to head over to the market in the early evening and just plant myself on the grass to take in the sounds of the musicians dotted around the grass as the sun dips below the skyline.


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