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Marble Madness

One of the reasons that Buenos Aires is inundated with marble statues is because of the Italian influence.  States of San Juan, Belgrano, and Simon Bolivar all over town are made of marble.

In the early 20th century, the influx of Italian immigrants fleeing brought their customs to Argentina.  This is notably see in the pasta restaurants on every corner, the endless cups of cafe, and of course, marble in every building and on every statue.


Bring Your Marble Here!

Looking for something to do on a Monday night in Buenos Aires? Well bring your marble-filled pockets to the drum show each Monday. Beers and laid back drumming. Pretty chiiiiiiill.

Rolling Right On Into…

Fall! With all the rain February brings, March and April will bring fewer and fewer sunny days. While this might mean slightly more rain, it means cooler days for traveling and some more relaxing meals outdoors. If you’re thinking of traveling South America, now is a great time.